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Sakura-no-Yama Hill


Sakura-no-Yama Hill
Next to Narita Airport, Sakura-no-Yama Hill was opened on a small hill, which is located at the northern side of the airport. Due to constructing Narita Airport, a lot of cherry blossoms trees were cut down. These Cherry Blossoms came back to the hill. Sakura-no-Yama Hill has a wonderful view of aircraft taking off and landing. People use the hill as their spiritual home.
Visitor's regulations
- Comply strictly with open time Open 6:00 am Close 11:00 pm

Prohibited on following actions

  • Prohibited to make a fire, to do the cooking and the camping
  • Prohibited to do fireworks
  • Other things that are prohibited by Narita City Regulation

- Authorization is needed to take pictures and films for business aim
- Own waste has to be taken home


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