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Naritasan Calligraphy Museum


Narita-san Calligraphy Museum
Narita-san Calligraphy Museum
Stock of modern Japanese calligraphy
This museum shows works dating from the end of the Edo period up until modern times. Excellent works that is too modern to be thought of as important by some and would therefore be missed, is on display.
People who do Japanese calligraphy must visit this museum at least once. It is built beside Sanno-Ike pond in Naritasan Park. Numerous masterpieces of calligraphy are displayed and information on preservation. This museum popularizes calligraphy and details it's development. The interior Photo
A 13 meter tall calligraphic exhibit

The first floor house is a special exhibition room with a central plaza capable of displaying 13 meter tall work. The second floor is a corridor style gallery .
  • Open 9:00-16:00
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Charge
  • Tel:0476-24-0774
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