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Museum of Aeronautical Science


Koku kagaku hakubutsukan
Japan's first Museum of Aeronautical Science displays materials from the history and development of Japanese aviation. Inside, there is a full-sized replica of Henri Farman's biplane which made its maiden flight in Japan. Airplane engines are also on display. A popular exhibit is the flight simulator in which visitors can experience piloting an airplane.

Koku kagaku hakubutsukan
flight simulator Photo Anli Faruman's biplane Photo

Clear views of landing Jets

From observation deck on the fifth floor with its 360 degree panoramic views, visitors can clealy see Narita Airport's 4,000 meter runway. The repeated spectacle of landing jets is overwhelming.
Panorama view Photo Many airplanes such as the YS11 and medium sized Japanese airplanes, first constructed after World War II are on display at the open-air exhibition. Visitors can sit in the cockpits of some of the exhibits.
  • Open 10:00-17:00
  • Closed on Mondays, year end and new years holidays
  • Charge
  • Tel:0479-78-0557
YS11 e.t.c. Photo
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