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Sogo Reido Sanctuary(Tosho-ji Temple)


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Sogo Reido Sanctuary

The name of "Sogo Sakura" is well-known among elderly people in Japan. His real name is Sogoro Kiuchi who was the head of Kozu-mura village (present-day Kozu Narita city). In 1652, Sogo went to Edo (Tokyo) to make a direct appeal to the Shogun to help ease the peasants' burden of heavy taxes and bad crops. But such direct appeals were illegal in those days, so he was arrested.

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In 1653, he was executed with his four sons, but the peasants from the 389 villages in the Sakura district never forgot what Sogo had tried to do for them and kept a long vigil at his grave site. Later this became the Otaiya festival held at the Sogo Reido Sanctuary. Even now on September 2, the day before his execution, there are all-night gatherings in memory of Sogo.

As Japan moved into the Meiji era, the feudal domains were abolished and prefectures established. The festival is openly held to hold a religious services for Sogo at the Sogo Reido Sanctuary. Behind the Sogo Reido Sanctuary is the memorial hall of Sogo ( Sogo Goichidaiki kan / Charge). A diorama with mannequins shows the 13 stages of Sogo's drama. Sogo grave Photo
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